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May. 30th, 2003

mm, sprite remix.

i was a musical sub today. meaning i got bounced around every half hour to a different room. was actually sort of relaxing otherwise.

i had probably the scariest experience ever today. on the way home from school, the skies opened up, fairly randomly, and i got stuck in a torrential downpour. right by my exit, one of the retaining walls had apparently collapsed, so there was very localized flooding on 287. so there i am, driving in the exit lane at about 5 mph, in 4 inches of water, and then cars pass on the left, causing a huge tidal wave over my windshield, meaning there was a second or two when i had ABSOLUTELY ZERO VISIBILITY WHATSOEVER. yeah, it was fun. >_<

then i sat around, did not a heck of a lot. played monkey island for a bit. watched the love hina spring movie. went awwwwwww at the end. :) played evercrack. my toon is about to reach level 3. but no, i'm online talking to peeps instead. i'm not very excited tho. i have a quest to deliver mail to the bards in freeport, which is pretty far away from me, considering i'm bound in kelethin.


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May. 31st, 2003 12:24 am (UTC)
Can you see me in the passenger's seat going "dude, that was AWESOME! Can we go on that ride again?"

Yeah, I thought so....
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