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this is stolen from etoilepb (congrats, btw!), who stole it from Neil Gaiman's journal.

apparently, there is a dude who wrote a program to randomly generate a poem based on a url. here is one based on my lj.


body td { : verdana, ; : 10pt; } tt, pre { : monospace; } a { :
heck of They Might Be
a sticky note| leave
a year in
the machines
have lunch we
were separatedno no tragic kingdom finishes.
it wants to look Around my left pointer finger
feels kind of
of how far does
the stanley cup finals.
wee!i cough, i got a lot. of pajamas at
the owner of water, and smith?
and 2 wee!i can still blatantly
misspell my monitor [26May2003|11:
28pm] [ mood | thirsty ] [ music |
Friends Forever Michael W.