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i would like to officially thank Mr. Stanley, who bought the Cup 110 years ago for $48 for giving the Jersey Devils the opportunity to win the Cup for the third time tonight. so tomorrow, or whenever i get a chance, i have to go buy my third "devils won the stanley cup" hat.

and my dad is a dork. i scheduled an interview for thursday at 10:15. so of course, totally ignoring the big sign on the fridge saying "jess has an interview at 10:15", he says sure, i can sub all day thursday. letting me, of course, call the sub callers and say, um, no, dad is dumb, i can't work thursday after all. and then, because he is desperate ofr a piece of paper, he steals a piece from the floor in my room which the cat has knocked down. it is VERY IMPORTANT. ho.

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    fuck you too, fate. Once again, you went out of your way to say i'm never allowed to be excited for anything or happy at all. thanks. no fuck you.

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    Welp. Made an appointment to talk to my manager tomorrow to get into detaily type things. Happy, davitant? Now stop harassing me. :P

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