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so far, so good

i had an interview this morning out in westwood/the township of washington in bergen county. i specify because there are several other washington townships/townships of washington. so then of course, i was only about 6 miles from the garden state plaza (drea, the mall we went to) so i had lunch. yum. i can't get enough of ghetto mall hibachi food. last week i even had a beef bowl. it, however, was not a ghetto beef bowl, it was a quite nice beef bowl. 日本語で、牛丼と言ます。(translation: in japanese, you call it "gyuudon")

then i walked around a bit, bought some cool capri cuffy pants from torrid, and an oscar the grouch shirt (is quite nice). i finally got my "the devils won the stanley cup" hat. i also had some bubble tea. mmm, milk tea with giant-ass black tapioca in the bottom. the straw was, i'm serious now, at least 1/2 inch thick.

afterwards, the mall is only about 6 miles from hawthorne, so i got some new jewelry. again. pfeh for expensiveness. but ooh, sparklies.