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my personal diagnosis is that i have bronchitis again (you can make your own diagnoses after having bronchitis 6-7 times). it must be an annual thing, since i definitely was still on meds when i went out to LA last year. of course, the difference is that this year, i have no insurance and ergo cannot get meds. :(

jess needs a job.

but on a lighter note, i got up this morning, went downstairs, opened the door, and poof, in between the door and the screen door was my very own personal REAL copy of everquest mac. it came in a cute little box and a 4-cd pack of the expansions thru planes of power, and most exciting, a manual. the beta had no manual, not even an online one. wee. so now the game is downloading the updates. w33.

but i still feel like crap.