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jess is in a very odd mood, yet still sleepy. i know, that's a standard for me.

you know, i really had nothing of interest to say yesterday, and i think the same may be true today. except i was wondering. Game Boy Advance SP. what the hell is the "SP" for? otherwise, it's very cool. it's much like the ponderment of what the hell the "X" is for in LAX. SAN makes perfect sense, except for the fact that it's really called the lindbergh air field. go figure. and how about EWR. Newark?missed a few letters there, didn't they?

so even after all that philosophicalization, i am still cool because i have reel big fish in mp3. legally, even.

oh yeah, it frightens me very much that they can fit an entire snes game onto a tiny little gba cartridge.

jess's bad pun of the day:
i just started a wood elf bard. i named her lydian. like the mode. (sorry, you have to be a music geek to get it)
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