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I am alive in San Diego

It is currently 6:06 in the morning, and I am sitting in Newark Liberty International Airport. Fun fun fun. And of course, they do NOT have a wi-fi network, so this will be posted later, and, perhaps, backdated, if I feel like it.

I am very upset, because it's raining asses out. You should see the mess when they land...... But seriously, there have not been any delays, and the flight from Rhode Island (which becomes my flight) has been unloading with no problems at all. My boarding time is at 7:15, and we leave at 7:45.

I am debating whether to attempt the stupid undead battle again in Warcraft III, or to save my juice until I get to Chicago, which I know has a wi-fi network. I should probably wait, I only have an hour here. I can amuse myself quite well for an hour, esp. with my iPod. and a book of crossword puzzles.

Ooh, almost forgot. I have an empty seat next to me on the way to Chicago! Ok, so is not such a big deal since flight is so short.

Security was not such a big deal. I didn't have to take my shoes off because I'm wearing sneakers (they wouldn't fit in the suitcase, and besides, Birks in the rain are generally a bad thing), but I did have to take the 'puter out of the bag. It got to ride in its own bin through the x-ray.

And I did remember my
(say it with me)

I hope I didn't take up too much of your time.

Ok, that killed 5 minutes. Now what? I'm bored...... Well, I should save this, then I can turn off the computer, I guess.

Ok, bye.

9:40 CDT

So apparently the website I read was a big fat liar. If I sneak a little closer to the red carpet club I might actually be able to get some kind of a connection, but no, there's nothing for right now. >_<

I have 2 hours until boarding. We had a really lousy landing today. It was very bumpy and it seemed like they had a little bit of trouble trying to stabilize the plane. At least the weather is nicer here. It's sunny, so of course I can't really see the screen very well. It gets washed out by bright light.

I have it really easy today. My flight from Newark came in at gate C12, and I leave from C17. I'm already there, of course. I did a lap of the terminal, then went to McD's for my newest favorite junk breakfast food- the McGriddles. I accidentally got one with sausage instead of bacon, but it was still quite yummy. I definitely chose the slowest line in the world, though. Definitely.

I finally finished reading The Once and Future King. I'd been working on it for about 2 weeks now. Is sort of slowish reading, lots going on.

So I'm just chilling here in the gate, waiting for the flight before me to leave so I have some space to stretch out., and maybe I'll move over to gate C16 to see if there's a connection there. (jess is desperate. and bored. desperately bored, already, and it's only been 7 minutes...... >_<)

That's it for now, I think. pfeh.

(after moving to gate C16)
those stinky poopheads. no signal over here, either.

but this airport is very very very modern and shiny glass. and hot and humid, too.

mayhaps it's time for a little warcraft.

I will update with events from San Diego eventually. not tonight, don't feel like it.

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