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i had a Very Good Day.

i got up too early and took the train into New York. then i took the subway (all by myself!) to times square and waited for toys r us to open. they open at 10. then i bought my new smashmouth cd. after that, i took the subway back downtown to go get the new blues traveler cd, some food, and hang around waiting for their show at 12:30. i got to J&R music world ~10:45ish. bought my cd, concluded that the cashiers were idiots and had no clue what was going on. walked to mcdonalds and got some early lunch, walked back to city hall park and claimed a seat at 11:30. blues traveler puts on an awesome show. i hereby declare that if you are in the state of massachusetts, you MUST go see them at the calvin theater in northampton wednesday. or else i shall hunt you down and drag you to a concert. oh yeah, after the show they had a signing at J&R. as usual, i was the cutoff for the first group going inside. disneyland rules, anyone? oh yeah, did you know the new bassist is from new jersey? actually, most of them are from princeton. except the keyboardist. he's from michigan. go figure. yes, we did have this conversation.
blues traveler cd

so then i went back uptown again (subway count at 3) to toys r us and schmied around for an hour and a half until the smashmouth show started. i think i can be sure that steve is much better when he's sober. so maybe i'm fortunate that i was dying of the flu and didn't get to see them sophomore year. let's see... do i remember the playlist?
I'm a believer
you are my #1
Walkin' on the sun
something else
All Star

then everyone who had bought the cd at toys r us and therefore got a ticket to the autograph signing got to take the elevator to the super secret 4th floor that is usually employees only, but also has the skybox (!), and get signatures. :) right as i was about to talk to steve, some other random chickie cuts us all and starts hitting on him... bleah. still got my signature. :)

smashmouth cd

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