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Blame Canada! Blame Canadaaaaaaaaa!

I am sure that by now everyone has heard about the major blackouts here on the east coast. Those of you who haven't, :P. Of course, I feel very lucky to be living about 20 min from areas with blackouts. although during judge judy (did i mention that a bunch of kids were playing "judge judy" on the train last week. it was pretty funny :) ) the lights did dim and then brighten up again. it was freaky. yes. so the blackouts. newark has no power, and apparently neither does montclair, since NJN, which is broadcast from montclair state university is currently off the air.

The current theory from officially type peoples is that a plant shut down in canadia, and if the con ed plants in NYC don't have enough power to generate more power, they too must shut down. makes sense, right? you gots to have power to make power (from great power comes great responsibility?).

Mom came home. doh. the house wasn't quite clean yet.

i have to mow the lawn tomorrow. i feel fortunate that the back yard is nothing but moss now, since you don't have to mow it. wee.

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