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jess's official movie reviews:

Stitch! is quite obviously a direct-to-video preview of the stitch series that's gonna be on this fall. that's not to say that it does have some genuinely funny stuff in it, but if you're looking for a new favorite movie, this is not gonna be it. Daveigh Chase's (Lilo's) voice has changed a little bit, simply because she's a year and a half older, and it was kind of weird to hear. Stitch is the same. :) Cobra Bubbles is in it, as are Jumba, and Pleakley. And the big dummy. Captain Gantu, that's it. The tourist never does get to eat his ice cream. :)

Remember the Disney Afternoon, and how before they premiered a new show, they would have the 2-hour movie explaining the premise? That was great. except for when they aired the movie during the week, and it took all week to watch. feh.

Two Towers:
Damn. Yes, i saw it in the theaters, but still, Damn.
"Toss me. I canna make the jump. But do na' tell the elf."
"Do you ever wonder if some day, they'll be telling stories about us? Tell me the one about Frodo and the Ring. Oh yes, that's one of my favorites"
"Not listening to you, not listening to you!"
the only problem with the dvd is that it skipped a mite in my ps2. in the last 5 min of the movie. so i brought it upstairs to finish. i mean, it was literally in the last 2 chapters of the movie. one of which is credits. >_<

I worked today from 10 to 4. wee. then i came home and made lasagna for dinner. mom is gone again. Dad needed her up in the adirondacks so she could bring some stuff home in her car, and he needed help hooking the trailer up to the truck so he could put it in the new garage that he built. wee.

i am debating if i wanna go out tonight. i dunno, is supposed to maybe rain. maybe i'll just go chill out (literally) in starbucks with my computer.

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    fuck you too, fate. Once again, you went out of your way to say i'm never allowed to be excited for anything or happy at all. thanks. no fuck you.

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    Welp. Made an appointment to talk to my manager tomorrow to get into detaily type things. Happy, davitant? Now stop harassing me. :P

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