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this is the cutest thing ever. i am in a new starbucks today, and it appears that we have turned it into a computer zone. there are 4 little round tables in a square, and 3 of us have computers. and the pc dude is outnumbered. :) there is me, with my baby 12-inch screen, and the other dude, with his massive 17 incher. [drool]

but it turns out that part-timers aren't expected to be at the faculty meeting. so, of course, i'm not. :-D

instead, i bought cds to use in class, as well as videos [ew] of west side story and singin' in the rain. they were on sale for 5.99. i couldn't say no. and yes, they are also for school. i can't wait until i get paid. one week from today.

ook, now i'm just disturbed. re: the apple itunes store. here's a quote from the article on yahoo.

The 10 millionth song? According to Apple, it was pop star Avril Lavigne's hit single "Complicated," and it was sold at 11:34PM on September 3, 2003.