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bleah, it's hot.

/me battens down the hatches

so apparently this weekend, hurricane isabel is coming to visit. w33. this should be fun. NOT! i mean, the coast is still feeling the dregs of henri. oh, good. the national weather service says that it is "a good time to review your family disaster plan". excellent. remember sophomore year (1999)? when hurricane floyd came to visit amherst? that is supposed to be NOTHING in comparison to this storm. i mean, up at school we got the literal dregs as the storm fell apart. down here, they got the full brunt of it, and schools were closed in town because of flooding. well, that and alfred vail was being used as an emergency shelter.......

so supposedly i get paid tomorrow. i still have no idea how much i get paid. we'll see. i don't even know if it's gonna direct deposit or if i get a dead tree format check, since i put the paperwork in late last week. yet again, we'll see.