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god dammit

i wrote a really long entry, and then the computer crashed as i was in the midst of posting it. :(

i did stuff. i went out to dinner with michaella and paul. i bought new shoes. i harassed aminals at petco. then shella and i went to the uber-huge palisades center mall in west nyack, NY. it has everything. it has 2 verizon kiosks. it has circuit city, best buy, and compusa. it has filenes and jcpenneys. it is 4 floors high, and has its own ice rink. the hell? and it has a very nice build a bear. :)

so we spent far too much time and money at dave and busters (grown-up arcade). which also has shuffleboard (!) and pool. i won a hello kitty doll.

we got home far too late.

today i slept all morning. then i went to work. then i went to friendly's. then i came home. w33. and i'm still home.(surprise)
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