Jess (lieutfaber) wrote,

oh my god, i thought i was gonna die at work today. it was actually quite busy. well, anyway, i worked with 2 parties (had one by myself since my helper DIDN'T BOTHER TO SHOW TODAY... she thought schedules were permanent... what the hell), and then, i was supposed to have my break right after my party. but there was a 25 child party beginning then, and there were approximately 85,000 people in the store, all of whom needed a bear stuffed, and the party needed 3 people working on it, because the parents were asshats, and we were short 3 people, so it was just me and patty running the entire rest of the store, and every single kid who was at the party neeeeeeded extra stuff (above and beyond their 25 dollar price limit), so there was a massive line at the register, and then i had a massive line at the stuffer (i was stuffing non-stop for 2 hours!), and then they all went to the register, so i had to be in two places at the same time, so now i am tired. and i never got a break, so patty let me leave at 6 instead of cleaning up. wooooo.

and i think i re-strained my ankle. bleah, injury sucks almost as much as disease does.

i <3
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