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it's grey outside. heh, there's a grey street. :-D (don't hit me)

i think the only reason it rained today is because i got my car washed yesterday. hells yeah.

well, my car was shiny and pretty, and i had it waxed and rain-repellant coated, so it should still be fine... no water spots for me!


My goddamn rock solid ghetto shiznit name is Ass Machine Wack.
What's yours?
Powered by Rum and Monkey.

oh yeah.

Barenaked Ladies- Shopping
Well you know that it's going to be alright
I think it's gonna be alright
Everything will always be alright
When we go shopping

Well you know that it's going to be alright
When we go shopping
It's always lalalalala...
Shopping spree begin
It's always lalalalala...
Everybody wins

So shutup
And never stop
Let's shop
Until we drop


It's always lalalalala...
Shopping never end
It's always lalalalala...
Shopping with our friends
Shopping once again

It's always lalalalala... (x4)

It's never enough
Until you've got all the stuff
When the going gets rough
Just shop with somebody tough


It's always...
When we go shopping (x3)

It's always lalalalala... (repeat to fade)

and this is why jess should not be allowed in shoe stores. i bought 3 (nice) pairs of shoes today. a pair of black loafers, brown monk shoes (with the buckles in the front) and a pair of black suede clogs. sw33t. i suppose i really needed them all. now i have shoes i can wear in the (bad word coming) winter

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