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heh. i think i like this series better than the original. :) of course, i've had a mini-marathon today... watched 1982-1985. w33.

wow. inspector gadget. :)

ok, 1985 seems to be the first year that i remember really well. :)

3xc3llent. i feel special. i used my apple educators' discount to preorder OS X.3 (AKA Panther), which is released tomorrow at 8 pm in the stores. i got it for $69.99, instead of 129.99, but the best part is it says it will be "delivered by 3 PM". w33!

heh. "it was a 38 part mini-series. each part was 9 hours long."

lol... "all of the historical figures of the time were represented. Lincoln. Jefferson Davis. General Robert E. Lee. The great emperor Nero. Hitler. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Zeus. Neil Armstrong. Everyone made an appearance in North and South. Noah."

wow. hal sparks has a decent singing voice. [swoon]

"oh, Mr. Belvedere. You've made me appreciate opera, but I still wanna beat you up."

btw, i can't believe that in I <3 1983, HAL SPARKS ATE SEVERAL SNAUSAGES. all of the guys ate snausages. ew. "this is disgusting. You want one?"

you know, i forgot that the plot for Jem was so stupid. I know i still have my jem doll somewhere downstairs. she needs new batteries, though.


Oct. 23rd, 2003 11:41 pm (UTC)
1) Hal Sparks eating Snausages is NOTHING compared to Michael Ian Black chugging JOLT.

2) Uh-oh. Jess is going to start stalking Hal Sparks.