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i broke shelley. she fell asleep. but that's ok, she was at the roadeo at 6 this morning, after being out 'til almost midnight yesteday. shelley rules. we watched half of chasing amy and drank blue stuff.

this afternoon i drove to agawam and took a test. woo. :( it was actually easier than the praxis (national teaching test), i think. we will see, when i get my results. then i went into town to meet jeffry for coffee. the problem w/ our 4:15 report time was that I signed out from my test at 4:16. i made it in damn good time, tho, and found a space right in front of starbucks with almost 2 hours on the meter! how sweet is that? then we went home, played blitzball, had dinner, drove back so jeffry could get his car, and he went to mission, and i went to wings with shelley. i had nachos and wings and beer with Mike L, Mike L, Brian and doh... what's his nickname... Lawrence was his real name... They were wicked funny, but one of the mikes was such an ass to the waitress... i had a great time with them. shells and i then proceeded to orchard hill so we could attend fill the hill and see traveling matt in their last area performance of my undergrad career in mass. :( they rocked. :) i got a free frisbee and talked to the band. i am also a big dork and recorded the show on my minidisc.

we came back home and tried to celebrate once de mayo (i was busy monday morning, and ergo could not celebrate sunday night), but shelley fell asleep, like i said. i am not feeling well, and am going to go to sleep now. i think i may be getting strep. feh.
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