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Discworld: Which Ankh-Morpork City Watch Character are YOU?

brought to you by Quizilla

well, at least it got the girl part right. even if i don't have a beard.

um. today we went to colonial williamsburg. wee. we ate lunch in christiana campbell's tavern. Supposed to be fabulous, was actually highly mediocre. :(

kept timing things perfectly to be able to go on tours of buildings. went on a tour of the gaol (got to hold the 18th century handcuffs- shella had the shackles), met "moses", a slave who was worried about his master/self, visited the governor's palace, went through a tavern (the worker in the tavern didn't think too much of people from boston, and was disappointed that everyone on the tour was from new jersey, not virginia.)

i must buy a maplewood fife. wee.

tonight for dinner, we ate at a seafood restaurant two doors down from us- called The Whaling Company. it was great. :) we enjoyed it highly. i had rainbow trout. yummy.

we have concluded that there are far, far too many pancake houses in this town. we have counted at LEAST 7 of them. and every mile, there is a 7-11. literally, every mile or so. oy.

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    fuck you too, fate. Once again, you went out of your way to say i'm never allowed to be excited for anything or happy at all. thanks. no fuck you.

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    Welp. Made an appointment to talk to my manager tomorrow to get into detaily type things. Happy, davitant? Now stop harassing me. :P

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