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fun, fun, fun.

11:45 AM:
It is extra-super windy here today. So, of course, the power went out about 20 minutes ago, causing massive chaos in my classroom. Oy. The kids were all like "OMG, we're all gonna die!" or "OMG, this is fun, let's play charades or something silly like that". [shakes head] Actually, they were more concerned that they were starving, since it is currently their lunchtime. I'm not sure what's going on out in the hall. I should check.

9:23 PM
So it turns out that the kids were skipping the rest of their "non-academic" classes and going straight to period 6. Which means that I missed my last class with period 4. :( oh well, no one brought food for a party, anyway.

we went out to dinner at chevy's tonight. so good... and now we have 6 tortillas in the fridge. they can't be as good cold as they are warm, though. :(