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getting malled

my back is still sore. :(

i got a new coat. well, it's for christmas, but still. i almost got the very first coat i tried on, but then i saw one i liked even better. :) and it was 50% off! you just can't beat merino wool 3/4 length pea coat for $65. Try, you can't. i likes it.

then, at suncoast, i saw the BEST ACTION FIGURES EVER. ROTK figures. separate figures for gollum and smeagol. they both say various things, like "nice hobbitses", and "my preciousssssssss". I WANTS. [giggles maniacally]

i am ~1/3 of the way through ROTK, btw. asap, pdq, rotflmao. scuba. nasdaq. aflac.
was that enough acronyms for you?
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