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ROTK spoilers of (mount) doom

[giddy laughter] best movie ever......
my dad asked me who i went to see the movie with, and i said my precious... I was wearing the ring again. all day. some of my kids noticed at school. :)

a couple of observations:
silly shelob, she's in the wrong movie!

how DO they get all of those horses inside Rohan? it doesn't look that big to me...

I still can't tell the difference between Merry and Pippin. I know who they are storywise, but I can't tell them apart visually...

dude, the orc who's missing an eye scares the crap out of me...

the faramir/eowyn story must be in the EE...

the film broke during the battle at minas tirath, right as the eagles were swooping down on the orcs... We almost rioted, they showed the pre-movie slides, and bugs bunny came up. feh. they fixed it within 5 minutes, and gave us all free passes for next time. sw33t.

they cut out the scourge of the shire? hm. well, i didn't like that part so much, anyway.

My dad saw a review where they complained that saruman "didn't have such a big part in this film." Well, it is very difficult to have any size part in a movie when YOU'RE NOT IN IT. Boromir has a bigger role in it, and HE'S DEAD!

Pippin and Aragorn both have AWESOME singing voices. [went to best buy after the movie and bought the soundtrack box set.. all 3 movies. woot.]

re: the end: [sniff]

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