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Dec. 20th, 2003

gah. so i just had a hellish shift at the store. i hate people.

first off, our plan today was $15000. When I left, we had over $16300. Meaning we were very very very very very busy. And for some reason, at 7:45, Patty and Kelly decided they wanted to close down the two other registers that were open. leaving me alone on register. sure, they helped get everything else ready to be put into the houses- took tags off, got bags, etc, but I was all by myself ringing. pfeh.

so when i got home 15 minutes ago, i decided i NEEDED a drink. so now i have a glass of seltzer with about a shot and a half of absolut citron in it. hm, if only we had some tang... that would be the perfect candy drink. [sighs] or i wish we had orange juice. :(