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May. 15th, 2002

the traditional lot of quizzes
You are Civilian Calvin!
You don't get to travel much outside your neighborhood, but you still manage to get in plenty of trouble. When you're not acting up, you like to wax philosophical.
Take the What Calvin are You? Quiz by contessina_2000@yahoo.com!

I am 44% CANADIAN!!!
(Take the Canadian-ness test)

Which Toe Are You?
Which Toe Are You?

Which Rent character are you?

Take the What Should Your New Year's Resolution Be? Quiz

*Take The Gap Toothed Celebrity Test!*

which Episode II character are you?

Anakin Skywalker - jedi apprentice. Like Anakin, you know your morals and usually always stick to the rules. However, stray away from those who know best and you may