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Dec. 29th, 2003

d Avitant (10:43:48 PM): how was dya?
d Avitant (10:43:49 PM): day even
LieutFaber (10:44:01 PM): boring?
LieutFaber (10:44:21 PM): went to the store to pick up my schedule.. .was so crowded i wound up stuffing a few bears for people for free
d Avitant (10:44:23 PM): Bear?
LieutFaber (10:44:45 PM): then went for a ride, then home and watched tv/played tony hawk
LieutFaber (10:44:49 PM): then watched FOTR
d Avitant (10:44:52 PM): >_<
d Avitant (10:44:52 PM): for how long?
LieutFaber (10:44:59 PM): only a bout 3 bears
LieutFaber (10:45:04 PM): someone else was volunteering, too :-)

yup. i'm boring. wee.