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Apr. 14th, 2002

yeah, so yesterday was pretty much an anti-productive day. Erin and I went food shopping, since we had negative food, and that took 2 hours including our lunch at Wendy's. Then we had to put the food away, which can take a pretty long time. After that, Erin was doing homework, so she was productive, but I just played the Sims until Jeffry came over. We played FFX, with a dinner break (erin made yummy food... i don't remember what), then played some more, and then we went to mission improvable with lauren, who plays the oboe. Mission, frankly, kicked ass last night. That's all i got to say about that. after mission ended, we went to Bart's, with approximately half of the population of Amherst, for ice cream. Yum. Our sundaes dripped over the edge of the bowls, tho, and they were out of marshmallow sauce, which is what i really wanted. After we returned Lauren to the middle of nowhere that is Sylvan, we came back to my house and played FFX more. We are so lame.
Donna's apparently coming over tonight to watch Rat Race, which she says is the funniest movie ever.
so, how about this weather? i could get used to this whole low-80's thing this week. Dunno about the thunderstorms that there are supposed to be tonight, tho. I hate thunder and lightning. maybe i really am Rikku.
Hm. I should hurry up. The flute studio recital is at 1, and it is now 11:30. No, i'm not playing, I want to go listen.