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*regenerates in time to go to work*

*dies again of exhaustion. but worse this time*

oh. my. god. it was so disgustingly busy.

stupid comments i remember:
idiot: this is in spanish, how do we get to english?
me: hit the orange key
idiot: (looks at me like i have 5 heads)
me: the top left
idiot (hits the tilde key, which, while near the top, is neither orange nor on top)
me: no. the ORANGE key.
idiot: oh, why didn't you say that before?
me: (kills them)

idiot (after finding out you can only use 1 full buy stuff card per order to get $10 off): but i have 5 kids? that's not fair.
me: (in my head) sorry you couldn't control your spawning, but I fail to see how that's my problem