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so yeah, snow is wrong enough normally, but it's especially wrong in may. as debi said once, mother nature, stop smoking crack.

can i get a collective rah for random unidentified disease? i know, all of you love reading about my health issues. my throat is all woogidy now, but it's not strep. and i don't have mono. i just got that call, so it's not that. i just have a random-ass viral infection- no it's not in my ass, it's in my throat now. yuck. i wish it would go away. oh yeah, my eyes are normal again, kitty!. :P

random weather changes are not good for my sinuses. air pressure changes mess me up and cause great pain to my ears. bleah.

i should start thinking about packing soon, since we have... hm... 8 (eight) (!) days until graduation. i should also make dinner reservations, but we all know how much i hate making phone calls to people i don't know. rah.

erin, it smells like shoe polish in here. whoo.

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