Jess (lieutfaber) wrote,


and so it begins.

it's snowing. the kids are so gonna get out early. but i always get out after a half day, so i don't care. /shrug

oof, headache.

there was supposed to be a 6th grade band trip to the city to see the NY philharmonic. it's been canceled. :-/ they're upset. but if they're expecting 6-8 inches of snow out here, it's the logical thing to do. (let's edit that. total by tomorrow 6-10)

for some reason i got put in charge of making the corned beef for tomorrow. easy enough, right? just dump in BIG pot of water, boil for hours. then add carrots and potatoes (what's taters, precious? what's taters? you know, i still have to watch the extended edition of TTT) about an hour before dinner.

oooh! jess's random fact of the day:
ROTK theatrical edition is being released on 5/25. I will buy it simply to have a complete set of each. besides, there was a rebate for TTT, so maybe ROTK will have one, too.

jess's second random fact of the day:
FFXI is released next Tuesday! /happy dance

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