April 20th, 2002

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Last night I had an entirely uneventful 4-hour drive home from Sundy to New Jersey. Yey. It was very very boring. Well, actually, there was a tiny little bit of lightning very far away, but otherwise, it was fine. This morning my alarm was set for 5:20 so I would get up in plenty of time to be off on the road to go to my test (the PRAXIS- essentially the national teaching test) in Wayne at William Paterson. (7:30 report time is dumb!) I actually got up at 5:40, because i whacked the snooze, or slept through it, or something, but I was OK. There are lots and lots of stupid people at standardized exams, I have concluded. They are unable to locate clearly marked information, and have to ask about it... Or they show up after 8, when report time is clearly marked 7:30, and are still let in to take the exam...

Happy note: on the way there, I saw a line-painting truck on the road. It was painting lines! I was all ecstatic about it... it was so cool! I missed the earthquake, though. I was in my car at the time, and wouldn't have been able to notice it anyway.

My grandpa is so sweet. I can always count on him to provide me with a lifetime supply of toothbrushes, toothpaste, and AA batteries.
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