April 24th, 2002

sim jess

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1) apple juice on an empty stomach gives me heartburn and makes me feel icky
2) i really really really wanted cereal this morning. I just got some special k red berries, and I want to eat some! if I don't use milk, the strawberries will stay freeze-dried and be nasty.
3) we have no milk. noone has bought milk yet. i was busy all freaking day yesterday, or asleep all afternoon, so it was out of the question for me. gr.
4) i had apple juice at home, and toasted an english muffin to eat when i got to school.
5) i feel really icky right now. bleah.

my secret sister rocks! baby godzilla says "rah!"
who wants to write a paper for me? it's due at 1:25 today.
i wanna go to sleep. now.
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sim jess

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and done! i think...

i need a nap. ooh... my class is cancelled now. too bad it's too cold outside.

I have been monopolizing this computer for 2 hours now. technically, my time is up,and I should vacate the premises.
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sim jess

'elp, 'elp, i'm bein' oppressed!

I'm stuck here in pc7, and all i wanted was a nice peaceful staffroom shift so i could write my lesson plan. crap.
and the tension is building up in my jaw again. crap^2.

i'm roasting a chicken for dinner tomorrow. erin and i decided that, since we have no food again except for our chicken.
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