April 29th, 2002

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last night was my last symphony band concert. ever. i am old.

the concert went really well, except for me making a couple of dumb mistakes, and for me being the cool kid in the last number who couldn't get her horn up in time. i am slow.

my dad came for the concert. that made me really happy. i have never had anyone come to one of my concerts before, and he had a 4-hour drive back home afterwards. thanks dad. :)
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sim jess


i just got home, came straight back after japanese history, cause there's no symphony band today (as much as I complain about it, I'm gonna miss it a lot), and i was talking to alison conboy on the way across the street and down the driveway, and what do i see in the driveway between 7-11 and GH but 2 $20 bills. we're both like, oh my god, that's $40! and i'm all happy.

then i come inside, and notice that the names "deva" and "amy" are written on the bills. meaning that Karen probably dropped them on the way home. darn.
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sim jess


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sim jess


i am officially a big dork. i decided that it is worth paying the $25 to get good access to livejournal for a year. ergo, i am now a paid member. ^_^
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