May 22nd, 2002

sim jess

rah to femininity

it's days like these that make you realize that being a girl really really really sucks sometimes. ow.

at least i'm not sick anymore.
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sim jess

woo, i think.

off to hand in my observations for lab band, then warm up/ practice, fill out jury sheets, HAVE MY JURY at 1:50, and work at 3:30. i think i will take the 11:00 bus and have lunch in the campus center. oh yeah, can't forget to cash a $25 check sos I can pay nikki for my jury... and also have to return these library books that are due today...
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sim jess


happy dance, happy dance!

i handed in my observations and my programs. woo. i had my LAST JURY EVER, and people said "good job" at me... like, teachers! I was happy.

i just had a smoothie from the bluewall. i had one of the big-ass ones. i drank the whole thing within 1/2 hour. now, i didn't get brain freeze, but i did get the chills really badly. i was in the campus center and had to put my coat on. but it was yummy, dammit. and i still have 21 meals left. i should go buy some juice on the way home. lots of juice. mmm... juice.

i have 15 minutes to kill before i go to work. well, technically i'm already at work, but 15 min until i start working. well, technically, it's not really working, it's doing this for 3 hours and getting paid for it. and tea. yum. that will thaw me out.
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