June 22nd, 2002

sim jess


i'm still in LA. :)

i am sitting in the computer lab using a black pc, wasting time until we have ANOTHER meeting at 3:30 (we have meetings like 24 hours a day, while ta's are off getting a tan. rah.

we STILL do not have lists of kids, and yes, they do arrive tomorrow. except for the one boy we saw in the office...

omg, there is a GIANT spider on the edge of the carrell...

didn't make it to see lilo and stitch. bus schedule didn't work out with the timing of our meetings and the movie. rah.

jamba juice is pretty good, but not nearly as good as bananarama. if they are open, i may go to get a smoothie before meetings.

rads pointed out to me that i'm in another "cult" that has meetings all the time. oddly, all of my "cults" are commonly known by abbreviations- pcco, tbs, now ra.
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