August 8th, 2002

sim jess


jess needs a job. jess thinks she would like to work at build-a-bear, but they don't open until september. ergo, she needs to at least pretend she is looking for a job and apply to BAB asap.

went to the mall today, obviously. got: LOTR (widescreen), excel saga 1, and fancy lala 1. woot. found out that bab doesn't open until september 6. i think i can handle full-time at school and part-time at BAB. i handled it at kings perfectly well in high school. my mom desperately wants me to work for the rest of august, but if i work, i won't be able to organize my room. believe me, it needs it! essentially, everything i own is in that room in a box. there are a lot of boxes. i need to be able to move around. rah.

random julie fact: julie likes mcdonalds french fries. and cheeseburgers.