October 4th, 2002

sim jess

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so i responded to caroljoy's journal w/ a fairly long message. here it is in its entirety.

disturbingly enough, i am the one who started the whole "jamba juice is addictive" story.

and yes, the route is highly funky. instead of just going straight up 287 to the ny thruway to the mass pike, we will be going across the gwb to NYC and taking all kinds of roads there, eventually reaching 91 north and picking jeffry-ho up at the airport. i should tell my teachers this... since we have to leave during the day so i can go pick up my refund check from the bursar.
[end of message]

so i have to go back to work tonight. at least it's only till 9. i will probably play more kingdom hearts after i get back. i am up to 16 hours already. wee. there is nothing cuter than goofy as a sea turtle. that's all i have to say about that.

i taught 2 periods in a row today. it is rainy and icky outside, so the kids were antsy as all hell.

it was so hot yesterday, and now it's cold. rah.

i am looking forward to next weekend so much. i can't wait! i will do my best to keep jeffry's smoothie from melting too much. ooh, i should clean out my car and vacuum it and stuff so people have somewhere to sit and put their luggage.
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