October 5th, 2002

sim jess

feelin' fine.

after yesterday's icky rainy bleah-ness, today is beautiful and sunny. it's 81 out, but way breezy, so it doesn't feel that hot.

i should straighten up my room. bleah. and/or put together my scrapbook. i got so much scrapbook stuff, and i haven't gotten around to it yet.

happy dance: my phone contract with sprint ends on october 25. ergo, i am in the market for a new phone. did i mention that there's a verizon store right around the corner from build-a-bear in the mall?

i should change out of pajamas, since it is now almost quarter after 12 in the afternoon. hm.
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    In the Stone- Earth, Wind, and Fire, previously My Way- Frank Sinatra