October 17th, 2002

sim jess

injustices in the world

all right, who let them build a whole foods market 2 towns over from mine and NOT PUT IN A JAMBA JUICE?
so wrong...

i saw an opossum on the way home from work yesterday.

i had my first observation today. it went pretty well, i think. would have been better if i had actually had the paperwork i didn't know i needed. oh well. we will catch up on signatures later.

i am still waiting for umass to send me my new password and name for spire so i can look up my gpa for the last 2 years for grad applications. well, i still also have to wait for my ass-lot of (10) transcripts to come.

people need to call me on my phone to make it not be futile. hm. how can jess meet people?

jeffry: my homecoming report is officially reaching the point of being ghetto-pete abrams.
i swear homecoming report is still upcoming. maybe i will do it this weekend, since i am not working on saturday. should get my schedule for next week tomorrow (was probably out today, oh well). i am thinking it would be very nice to have sunday off, too. bleah, i still need to clean my room.
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