October 21st, 2002

sim jess

the weekend, and other stuff

so this weekend was actually quite boring and relaxing for me. well, kind of relaxing, anyway. I closed the store friday night, and then proceeded to play phone tag with jeffry because he started the game. i love my cell phone and the headset. wee. ironically, he called me back when i was in starbucks. my dad mocked my grande iced white mocha. gr.

for anyone who cares, jeffry is doing well, as of friday night, he was in tucson arizona, and on saturday he arrived at his house in san marcos, ca. it will probably take him a couple of days to get situated, since his roommate has about 80,000 houseguests right now.

saturday my dad and i went to go buy pumpkins. we got pumpkins for everybody, even julie. it lies down, just like her. we are not carving them so we can make pie and baked seeds. we also had tooooo many donuts. yum, tho. saturday night i wanted to go pretend to be social and sit in borders and drink coffee and read a book, but dad wanted to come too, so we went to barnes and noble instead, since he has the membership card there. oh well, i still owe him $30 for my books.

sunday, i slept, dad made food (did i mention that mom was away at a convention this week?), and i went to work. i helped with one party, then had my very first birthday party all by myself. it went pretty well, even though kids had to keep leaving early. we started with 8, and ended with 4... how ghetto is that? the mother tried to give me a tip, but we can be fired for accepting tips. when i saw what she was trying to give me, i swear, it was like kryptonite. i backed away, and told her to either call the guest service survey or email maxine (owner of the company). that made me feel pretty good. and then i got to go on my break, since i had been doing parties straight for 3 1/2 hours. owie.

i am better now.

homecoming report will come, eventually. hopefully before homecoming returns...