October 25th, 2002

sim jess

my brain hurts

it is currently 11:41 pm. i have been awake since 6ish this mornign. i am tired.

i had school. yey school. then i had work at 6. i went to the mall early, had dinner, and bought myself a new wallet. of course, the only wallet i like has to be the $34 one. oh well, it will last me a long time. it is from fossil. :)

then i had work. yey work. i had a birthday party at 6:30. they were awesome. it was a surprise party for a 9-year-old, and after, they had a surprise sleepover for her. i had fun with them.

then, when i was on my way home, i got stuck at a light. there are 2 left turn lanes at this intersection. i just missed the left turn light by about 10 seconds. i sat there for 4 cycles of the lights; nothign happened. finally, the guy to the left of me goes when the green for straight ahead comes on. i think, is he crazy? then we sit some more. the next time the green light comes on for straight, we all go. wee for mass crime. i swear, we were there for about 5 min at this major intersection, just waiting for a green light that never came. weird.

i am really sleepy.

what should jess do with her mudslide from last halloween?

wait for it to celebrate its first birthday
screw that, drink it now
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