October 29th, 2002

sim jess

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it is sleeting. that is wrong. however, i did have a lovely argument with my mother, being the literalist that i am, about how we could not possibly have a winter weather advisory, when it is still fall. on the other hand, i would love if the ground were to cool off enough to enable us to have a snow day tomorrow. have i mentioned that my dad is in charge of the computerized phone chain? meaning that he gets the first call, and then calls the system starting the whole process, and that we are the first ones to know when something is happening. wee.

i am not allowed to be getting sick.

looks like the mudslide will be allowed to live a little longer, and i will possibly have it this weekend at my pathetic little solo halloween celebration... after i get out of work at 10:30 on saturday... i need a social life...

the first song on the new bon jovi album is the ultimate "drive fast" song. and the foo fighters kick their own asses, too. but traveling matt is smelly because they have broken up. :(

i went shopping again... i got 2 rugs for my room, and some new shoes, and a really comfortable, nice pair of black shoes for school. wee.
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