November 12th, 2002

sim jess

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i have nothing to say today.

well, i guess i do, actually. today i wound up teaching the whole 6th grade percussion lesson. john says he thinks it was my best lesson so far. i, however, think that the concussionists oops i mean dumbers i mean drummers were awful and need to calm down and pay attention every now and then. it has been pointed out to me that, as you go down score order in the band, you can easily see the iq's and behavior levels of the musicians plummetting. flutes in our band are angels; the low brass and concussionists are evil. i, however, am an exception to the rule. i started on flute. :P

i am thirsty. oh, look. a (warm) diet vanilla coke. yum.

i have been learning about my biorhythms in the last few days (no, it's not as dirty as it sounds, get out of the gutter). every day when i'm on my way home from school, i crash. about half way home, i just become exhausted, and decide to take a nap. i get home and watch some tv, and feel much better. i am at my peak of awakeness about 7 pm, and crash again by 9:30. makes it rather difficult when i'm still at work...

this has been a public service announcement from jess.
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