November 17th, 2002

sim jess

ghetto mall, ghetto mall...

so today was kind of busy. i guess. i was busy doing alot of nothing, anyway. last night i went to sleep early because i felt like crap. i got about 12 hours of sleep, but i still woke up earlyish for a sunday. mostly because i couldn't breathe (have i mentioned lately that i'm sick?) Went over to Shella's to watch nascar. Her boyfriend is very sweet. :) Um. the race was long. it ended about 5, then we struggled to find something to do. we flipped through all the channels and eventually crashed the io (digital cable) box. sw33t. i had to leave to go to a store meeting, so i did. a good time was had by all. i got coffee on the way so i was well-caffeinated. i got a cookie. yey. needless to say, we are all psyched/terrified of the holidays and great things are expected of us and the store. yey.

does anyone want to give me a teaching job? 0:-) i should go fill out those envelopes now...

i hope all of the bandos had fun (but not too much fun) in montreal! did you know that alouettes are little birds? and that the song is about how you are going to pluck all of the feathers off of the bird? isn't that a lovely kids' song?
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