November 18th, 2002

sim jess

it's potterific

ok, that may be one of the silliest things i have said.

needless to say, if you haven't seen harry potter, step away from the computer, and go see it.

all right, thanks for coming back. i had a really great line i wanted to quote from the movie, but i forgot it. gr. so. um. the standing ovation at the end of the movie was really quite anticlimactic, i think. pointless venture much?

moaning myrtle does kick quite a lot of ass.

isn't there a bit in the book about seeing reflections in afflicted people's eyes? or is that in #3?

lockhart is a total ass, but quite amusing when he is even more clueless than usual.

(this has been a service of jess's not-very-many spoilers movie review)
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    despite having mp3s on, i am still humming the harry potter theme