December 16th, 2002

sim jess

i have a headache


i had my last observation today. yes, i said LAST. i am done. i have to send paperwork in to dr. smar, but that's it.

erin: yes, i know exactly what books by dr. karpinski you're talking about. two very very evil ear training books. i have the ghetto-course packets from collective copies.

jeffry: we'll talk. btw, there is no such thing as me signing off of aol. aol dumps me off.

to the world: i finally broke down and signed up for a real isp that is not aol. i have a new earthlink account. we will see whether that helps me any. i think it will, since i am always dumped offline because "the aol server does not respond." :P i am only paying $10 a month for earthlink. sw33t. i should check and see whether i have newsgroup access, too.

i should edit my portrait... i have a flagpole coming out of my head. i also want to muck around with the coloration. i am not usually that pink.
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