December 17th, 2002

sim jess

things that make you go "hmm"

i am confuzzled. i tried signing on to my new earthlink account at home. my computer stays online for 1-2 minutes, then does not receive an incoming signal and dumps me. (same thing that happens w/ aol, except earthlink KNOWS that it has no signal) i am debating whether it is my computer being weird by itself, or the computer finally realizing how slow the virtual connection is, and that i should shell out the money and get the faster virtual phone jack. i will try that, see if it helps. can't hurt.
sim jess

iiiiiiiiii'm baaaaaaaaack

(and front, and sides... i am 3-dimensional.)

i have been online for a total of 7 minutes so far, and no bump. we have identified the culprit. it is the wireless jack. i am going to have to ghetto-rig a wire from my room to my parents'. doh. the jack, however, stays. simply so i can have a phone in my room. even though i have my cell.

oooh... direct dialup over a real phone line is so fast...
that was one of the most pathetic things i have ever said.

umassians: mucho good luck on exams.

katherine: stick with it. i have been in your exact same boat.

jeffry: tonight?

omg... my connection is fast enough that i might actually go back and catch up on my um... 7 months of comics. and i was reading... um... 35 comics... crap.
sim jess

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it bothers me that at this point i have been online for almost 50 minutes... and that is about the total amount of time i have been able to keep my computer online in the LAST 3 WEEKS. thank you. i am much happier now.
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sim jess


i got a new picture. wee. yes, i did get my hair cut. :)

i ghetto-rigged my phone line across my parents' room.
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