December 21st, 2002

sim jess


so i'm done. i was fine with it, didn't have any problems until i started packing my bag to go home. that was when it hit. had to get out fast. but that's ok, because i spent 47,000 hours at the mall. well, i wish. i was there from 3:30-12:30. was at work from 4-12:30. i have to be back there in an hour and a half.

i still need to buy presents for my dad and julie. although i do like to wait and get kitty stockings on half price... nah, i'm done at 7 today.

i picked up the application to substitute teach yesterday. i have to fill out all of the paperwork, then call to schedule an appointment to hand it in/interview. wee.
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sim jess


my feets hurt.

i spent money buying presents. work was very busy. i am hungry. and random. i got home after 1 last night, and called jeffry from THE FUTURE!

is it sad that i spent more money on the cat than on my dad? stupid pratchett book not being in stock......

i do not want to be at the mall at 8 tomorrow... stupid holiday hours. stupid most wonderful time of the year. stupid opening. stupid not enough hours in the day to sleep. oh well.
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