January 4th, 2003

sim jess

so there :P

take the nerd test.

and go to mewing.net. a nerd utopia.

so. i went to work today.
[cue dante]
and i wasn't even supposed to be there today! well, maybe i was. i was on call, but not really scheduled. so i can still say it. nyah. stuff happened. wee.

i was desperately allergic to bears today. i COULD NOT STOP SNEEZING. bleah.

last night i exploded half of my room... i was condensing the mess into a smaller, yet taller mess, and putting stuff in garbage bags. a couple of days ago i did the other side. :) i still need to do a lot, though... >_<

i am very happy. i discovered that i already paid my credit card bill this month! wee!!!! i am not as broke as i thought! i should still make a small payment while i can, though...
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