February 10th, 2003

sim jess

it's snowing AGAIN

as if the 5 inches on friday wasn't enough...... and they are big-ass flakes, too.

i wanna see chicago again... but i'm not free until thursday. or tomorrow evening, but i will be dead tired, so that's probably out.

i am closing the store tonight, then i have truck tomorrow. i know i've mentioned it before. feh. i will have coffee running through my veins, i think.

i called and scheduled my interview (it just took me about 5 tries to spell "schedule") for thursday. it is at 9 AM. >_< oh well, it's not that far.

pulpless orange juice is icky

we had another mini-drama yesterday with the cat and her shots. as usual, she didn't want to come out of the carrier, so we took the top off. she curled up in a little ball, and stayed there, so they stabbed her just like that. she is being a normal kitty now, tho. by that i mean she is currently passed out on my bed. aww....

jeffry: the cds came yesterday! yes, they came on sunday. go figure. in case anyone cares, express mail from tokyo takes somehow only 2 days.
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