March 22nd, 2003

sim jess


i dunno what to say. except that things do not look good. grandpa had his surgery yesterday- triple bypass and valve replacement, if you forgot. he's still bleeding from the sutures- quite a bit apparently. he needed another mini-bypass or something because he was having swelling, and now stuff doesn't look good at all. we were being positive this morning because he was still mostly under, but he was responding to commands. obviously they put him back under all the way. mom is saying that if the bleeding doesn't stop, they're gonna unhook him from the equipment (except for the respirator).

i need a hug. no, i just need someone to talk to. but noone's around. but a hug would be nice.

dammit, now i have a runny nose.

i think julie's worried about me. she's been following me around, and just staring at me. i know, she does that normally. but she's doing it now, too.
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sim jess


so mom eventually came home from visiting with grandma and aunt lucille. she shared the same news we had already heard from her over the phone, and we sat and cried a little. julie is a professional cheer-upper, i think. whenever it gets too hard, she does something bizarre and we all laugh. about an hour after mom got home, aunt lucille called with an update from the hospital- his bleeding has eased up a little- it is now officially "oozing" and not "seeping." i dunno. so he is doing a little better now. aunt lucille was planning on going home tomorrow morning, but she's gonna stick around a little longer since everything is up in the air right now.