April 1st, 2003

sim jess

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note to self: before attempting to sign on, make sure that the modem cable is plugged in. otherwise, the computer will say that there is no dial tone. and there truly is none, because THERE IS NO PHONE CONNECTION. duh.

well, i was basically a babysitter today at school. i got to sit with an esl student in the computer lab because he had opted not to take the standardized testing for obvious reasons. wee. i also got to go play with kindergarteners during snack time and during stations. i spent time with the only person playing with play doh because he looked kind of lonely. i don't know what i'm doing tomorrow. i probably get to go play reader rabbit with chandu again.

i almost forgot, i got april fooled by a kindergartener. he asked me to tie his shoes, i said sure, then he said april fools! i have slip-ons!

i got certified at work today :) they had a mini-ceremony in front of all 4 people in the store. i am now a certified master of teddyology. seriously, that's what it says.

so. um. does all of umass have papers due tomorrow? practically everyone on my buddy list is writing papers. hm.

oh yeah, beth freniere:
remember i think sophomore year when you poisson d'avril'ed donna? the poisson is still in my car where she put it. sadly, it's falling down, tho. :(
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